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Leverage Your Personality and Creativity For Success


Your Potential!

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Meet Linda

Innovative ~ Intuitive ~ Insightful

Creative ~ Quirky ~ Comical

Delightful ~ Memorable ~ Impactful

Linda helps people better understand creativity, the power of play (for adults too), the critical relationship between creativity and innovation, and how a better understanding of ourselves and others can help maximize our effectiveness, improve relationships and unleash our potential.

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Listen to Linda share a little about her background...

Turning Adversity Into Advantage


Sometimes life kicks you in the teeth only after smashing your face in the dirt!

Resilience is one of the key traits to help you succeed in life, so get you some...

If you already have some, then it never hurts to refresh and re-inventory where you can improve.

Linda's "Resilience" Book is a great coaching and workshop tool and also a quick reminder, in a journal format, for anyone who wants to toughen up.


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